BellaNové Subscription Giveaway!

We are so excited to partner with BellaNové to give away one (1) of their one-month starter closet (5 items) memberships! 

Get access to a wardrobe full of quality and sophisticated maternity wear!


Now you can rent chic & sophisticated maternity wear to flaunt with that pregnancy glow!


Bella means “beautiful” & Nové means “nine”

Across histories and cultures the number nine (9), as the highest single-digit number, has been said to represent divine completeness and eternity. And what a perfect motif to capture the essence of a woman as she embarks on one of the most miraculous journeys any human can experience.

BellaNové's Mission:

Just like Reclaim Motherhood, BellaNové is here to be an ally to women helping with one of the most defining parts of womanhood.

BellaNové knows you’re already juggling work deadlines, conference calls, and finding time for all else that is life.

That’s why we are dedicated to help you maintain your air of confidence and sense of style throughout your journey to motherhood.

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By entering the giveaway you enter to win a one (1) One-Month Starter Closet Membership which includes:


 Five (5) pieces from any category (dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwear)

Guaranteed fit

Free shipping both ways

Dry cleaning upon return

Switch, pause, or cancel anytime!

Membership will conclude at the end of the month unless renewed or repurchased through BellaNové



More information about BellaNové can be found at: 

Enter to win by completing the widget below. Good luck, mama!

*Entries in the giveaway will be for both Reclaim Motherhood and BellaNové mailing lists.