Samantha Rife
Director and Executive Producer

Samantha Rife is Principal and Founder of SJR Research. For over 25 years, she has worked as a research, writer, and provided administrative support for large and small projects in a wide variety of fields including History, Genealogy, Information Technology, Education, Writing/Editing, Film and Media, Communications, Marketing, Public Health/Social Services, managed Healthcare, Visual Arts, Retail, and the Tourism and Hospitality Industries. Samantha is a mother of 2 children – Joshua and Cassandra. She lives in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, with her husband Jamie.

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Darren Mitchell

Darren Mitchell is an American actor and cinematographer based in Lancater PA. Darren has written, directed and produced more than 20 short films as well as worked on Hollywood production crews for short and feature films. Darren owns and operates Relevant Noise Media/RLVT Films, a freelance production company for commercial film and television.

Jack Chance

Jack Chance is a radio producer, filmmaker, photographer, writer, designer, sound recordist & engineer, and "guerilla ethnomusicologist." He has recorded traditional musicians in more than 30 countries and is a contributing writer for the Rough Guide to World Music. He's helped preserve audio recordings for Easter Island's Museo Anthropológico, documented endangered native Alaskan languages and Polynesian navigation techniques in the Solomon Islands, and trains radio journalists and folklorists throughout South and Southeast Asia. Jack is also the producer and director of the award-winning film "The Mountain Music Project: A Musical Odyssey from Appalachia to Himalaya" and oversees MMP's music education and preservation projects in Nepal, Burma, Thailand, and Bhutan.

Michelle Medvedoff
Associate Producer

Michelle Medvedoff is a screenwriter and filmmaker who has produced over 10 films. Her feature film, “The Wife Master” won the “Critic’s Prize” at Mexico City’s Mic Genero film festival in 2014 and has found distribution with Pathfinder Pictures and Fandor. Medvedoff writes short film scripts for independent filmmakers through her company “Short Script Gods.”

Dana Amma Day
Marketing, PR, Sponsorship, and Coordinator of Celebrity Endorsement

Dana has had an extensive and diverse career at the fore-front of the entertainment, advertising and media industry  specialising in PR and Marketing for music, television, film and digital media. In recent years she has become an active journalist in the environmental and positive society sectors creating the news channel Positive TV. Dana is an experienced executive producer and producer in film and television with film and documentary credits in the UK. Dana has made a significant impact upon the success of many businesses and media companies and networks around the world.




Ashlee Wells Jackson and Laura Weetzie Wilson
Photographic Consultants

Ashlee Wells Jackson & Laura Weetzie Wilson. Known for their transformative photography for “The 4th Trimester Bodies Project,” these two soulful gals are an inspiring addition to the Reclaim Motherhood team!

Matt Mellen
Digital Content Manager
Matt is a communicator and strategist specialising in movement building, public affairs and creative environmental campaigns. He has worked on flagship campaigns led by Nobel Prize winner Wangari Maathai and HRH Prince Charles, with major corporations and the United Nations and for organisations including: BioRegional, Clownfish and Business in the Community. He founded and edits EcoHustler a popular independent online magazine that receives tens of thousands of hits each month. 


Michelle Ann Owens
Michelle is a business development executive and content creator based in Los Angeles with 15+ years of experience representing industries including television/film production, digital ad creative services, creative talent recruitment, traditional business consulting, and healthcare.

She is also the host and producer of the variety podcast Nothing Off Limits, which explores topics across society and culture, health, business, and relationships. Her interviews feature authors, entrepreneurs and speakers from all over the world and is distributed on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and most streaming stations.

“Reclaim Motherhood” is a timely and vital investigation of contemporary motherhood. In querying how the media perpetuates dichotomies of “good” and “bad” moms, and how it reinforces myths of maternal instinct and self-sacrifice, the documentary compellingly challenges its viewers to recognize, critique, and reject the age-old maternal scripts and identities that continue to constrain and essentialize women in the twenty-first century.
— Liz Podnieks, PhD Associate Professor, Department of English, Ryerson University, Toronto