“Mom Is A Dirty Word” Unveils New Name and Brand Identity for Feature Documentary: “Reclaim Motherhood”

 Gettysburg, PA — May 14, 2017 — Feature Documentary Reclaim Motherhood, formerly known as Mom Is A Dirty Word unveiled a new name, website, logo and tagline as part of a rebranding initiative announced today.

The new name, Reclaim Motherhood, and tagline, “Exploration of Motherhood and the identity of “Mom” in the USA,” has been implemented to better reflect the call-to-action campaign and documentary’s mission to empower mothers to challenge American society’s social and cultural stigma towards motherhood and caregiving.

“Reclaim Motherhood” is the brainchild of producer and director Samantha Rife. Through one-on-one interviews with Moms, Dads, policy-makers, and experts, Ms. Rife raises questions she never considered before becoming a Mother herself, such as: “Does free-market capitalism put emphasis on career at the expense of Family?” and “Are women punished for having children?” and “Why do we leave maternity leave to the discretion of US companies instead of Federally mandating policy that protects the family’s interest?” Explains Ms. Rife: “Of course my husband and I expected certain challenges with the birth of our first child. But I never imagined that society would challenge my very identity and ability to support my family.”

The documentary delves into what many claim to be the contradictory nature of how Mothers are stereotyped. “American culture worships, and at the same time demonizes Mothers,” says Ms. Rife. “Once you become a Mom, there is an implicit understanding that you can no longer be sexy, that you’re selfish for maintaining a professional job, or if you stay-at-home – you’re given a pat on the back for your sacrifice but considered boring, less competent, and not worth listening to. “Reclaim Motherhood” demonstrates that Mothers are people: with real people identities.”

Reclaim Motherhood is also delighted to announce that Dana Amma Day has joined the mission to help develop production development finance, and assist with brand partnership, and celebrity endorsement to attract those who feel aligned with the documentary and campaigns goals. Dana has had an extensive and diverse career at the fore-front of the entertainment, advertising and media industry specializing in PR and Marketing for music, television, film and digital media. In recent years she has become an active journalist in the environmental and positive society sectors creating the news channel Positive TV. Dana is an experienced executive producer and producer in film and television with film and documentary credits in the UK. Dana has made a significant impact upon the success of many businesses and media companies and networks around the world.

The updated logo and tagline represents the documentary's primary goals:

  • Ending the so-called “mommy wars”.
  • Ensuring a place in the mother’s movement for every kind of mother.
  • Resisting the demonization of mothers socially, by use of the stigma, "bad" mothers”.
  • Affirming the necessary work of caring for children and the fact that both men and women, together, must assume responsibility for this labor.
  • Reaching out to younger women.
  • Ending the misrepresentation of mothers and mothering in mass media.
  • Normalizing the bodies of mothers.
  • Articulating a unified agenda for the mothers' movement and encouraging the building of a coalition based upon this agenda.

Nearing completion of the production phase, the feature documentary has filmed over a third of the film and seeks funds for a push through the homestretch.

Set to debut in 2018, Rife is excited to wrap up production on her film. “Most people are surprised to learn that among wealthy nations, the United States fails in almost every measure to support Mothers. And when you fail to support Moms, you fail to support children, families, and communities. Moms need more support – and it’s going to take a lot more than a Hallmark card. This film will make a difference.”         

The campaign launches on this Mother’s Day to raise film production funds.

Please visit:

Join the “Mommy Movement” on twitter @reclaimmother

Web: http://www.reclaimmotherhood.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/reclaimmotherhood/

About Samantha Rife
Producer, Samantha Rife, has been on both sides of the net. While 8 months pregnant, Ms. Rife was laid off from her full-time employer. Since then, Rife has given birth to two children - and has negotiated between; SAHM to part-timer, to full-timer, and entrepreneur, while caring for her husband and brood.


If you’d like more information about the “Reclaim Motherhood” Documentary Project, or if you would like to be interviewed for an opportunity for your story to be included in “Reclaim Motherhood” documentary, email the director, Samantha Rife at info@reclaimmotherhood.com.