GETTYSBURG, Pa. – Two influential advocate organizations for mothers are joining forces to support a call-to-action campaign and documentary film highlighting how societies can improve the lives of mothers.

The campaign and film - Reclaim Motherhood - will partner with Make Mothers Matter to bring a global heft to its mission to empower mothers to challenge American society’s social and cultural stigma towards motherhood. Make Mothers Matter (MMM), an international NGO, supports and raises awareness about the essential role of mothers in ensuring economic, social and cultural development. MMM was established in 1947 at the UNESCO in Paris and federates a network of associations in about 30 countries, representing more than six million mothers around the world and has earned a general consultative status with the United Nations.

“This partnership reaffirms our shared commitment to raise awareness on the importance of mothers and allows us to join the worldwide public discourse on motherhood," said Samantha Rife, director and producer of Reclaim Motherhood. “Families generate the human capital upon which social and economic well-being is built. We're delighted to partner with a respected leader in the global motherhood movement to help not only the United States, but also to inspire worldwide audiences to properly recognize the immense value mothers bring to society and afford them the due respect and care they deserve.”

“MMM is happy to support the making of Reclaim Motherhood because we believe this movie will advance the recognition of the importance of motherhood with decision makers and the general public. As the first educator of their children, mothers are at the center of major societal issues. They are untapped change-makers. Working for and with mothers can generate potentially systemic changes. Supporting mothers is investing in our common future,” states Anne-Claire de Liedekerke, president of Make Mothers Matter.

About Reclaim Motherhood

Reclaim Motherhood ( is a call-to-action campaign and documentary film that seeks to empower mothers to challenge American society’s social and cultural stigma towards motherhood and caregiving. With the documentary, we will advocate the crucial nature and inherent value of motherhood by providing an uncensored look into how the cultural stigma of motherhood impacts mothers, fathers and families across the United States -- in how they raise their families and in how they view themselves. We hope to empower mothers by highlighting their personhood beyond caregiving to show that mothers need to be seen as hard-working, intelligent, contributing members of society who are molding society’s greatest assets: the next generation of children – children who need to be properly nourished, loved, and nurtured. There is no more important task.

About Make Mothers Matter (MMM)

Make Mothers Matter (MMM) ( is an international, apolitical and nondenominational NGO founded in 1947 at UNESCO with UN General Consultative Status. Its mission is to promote and support the essential role of mothers for peace and for social, economic and cultural development. MMM promotes the universality and importance of the economic, social and cultural role of mothers, based on their skills and responsibility as primary educators of their children. MMM advocates and federates a network of member associations. In collaboration with its member associations working in the field, MMM acts at an international level to influence policy and public opinion in order to bring about positive changes in the lives of mothers. Working for and with mothers by involving them in development projects has beneficial effects on their children, their family and, more broadly, on society.

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