GETTYSBURG, Pa. – Much like FAST FOOD NATION tackled our obesity epidemic or SICKO
chronicled the sometimes fatal flaws of our health care system, Samantha Rife’s Reclaim Motherhood is a relevant and timely feature-length documentary which attempts to explain why American culture grossly devalues motherhood and caregiving.

“If #MeToo is a rallying cry for sex abuse survivors and #TimesUp is the movement to chart a new path for women in the workplace, don’t mothers also deserve to finally secure respect and admiration for the crucial role they play in society?” said Reclaim Motherhood director/producer, Samantha Rife.

“We’re taking a deep look at the cultural and sociological factors at play, and we’re going a step farther and asking the question, “Is systemic and institutionalized sexism at the root of how mothers are perceived in our society?"

The answer, according to the documentary, is, "Yes." The film charts the culture’s depiction of mothers - sometimes superficial, sometimes outright hostile – and how these ideas limit the rights and potential of women and mothers.

The goal of Reclaim Motherhood is to empower mothers by showing that they need to be seen as hard-working, intelligent, contributing members of society who are molding society’s greatest assets: the next generation of children. Reclaim Motherhood also explores how American society and the economy would be different if both working moms and stay-at-home moms were modeled in a much more positive light to our children.

Reclaim Motherhood showcases one woman's journey to overcome her own feelings of inadequacy, which leads her to discover countless ways that motherhood has been undervalued in our ubercapitalistic society, as well as how the journey of motherhood has been diminished or misrepresented by the media, arts and entertainment, and public policy. Economists, cultural critics and academics provide the history of motherhood in America and how we interpret the responsibilities and duties of women in our society, as well as a path forward for women striving for a better future.

The film will also feature a diverse group of parents - both mothers and fathers - as well as a wide range of award-winning experts, scholars, journalists, and authors on the subject of motherhood such as:
• Award Winning Journalist, Sharon Lerner
• Pulitzer Nominee, Ann Crittenden – her book, The Price of Motherhood was listed by the
Chicago Tribune as one of the Top Ten Feminist Literary Works since the publication of Betty
Friedan's Feminine Mystique.
• Award Winning Author and Sociologist, Dr. Arlie Hochschild
• Award winning author and Professor Susan J. Douglas - her books have been named one of
the top ten books of the year by National Public Radio, Entertainment Weekly magazine and The McLaughlin Group
• Peggy Young - took her pregnancy discrimination case all the way to the Supreme Court
• Heather Boushey, Executive Director and Chief Economist at the Washington Center for
Equitable Growth. The New York Times has called Boushey one of the “most vibrant voices in the field” and she testifies often before Congress on economic policy issues. Boushey previously served as an economist for the Joint Economic Committee of the U.S. Congress, the Center for Economic and Policy Research, and the Economic Policy Institute

“Our story is global in nature,” said Rife. “Women pay a high price for motherhood across the world. It is not enough to talk work/life balance, childcare, sharing care, flexible working or the pay gap. Rather, what should be discussed is how motherhood is being erased from the worldwide public discourse through a grotesque systematic devaluation and marginalization.”
Reclaim Motherhood is currently in production. Having already shot 40 hours of footage, Ms. Rife will embark on a fundraising campaign on Sunday, August 5th to raise the final $45,000 she needs to complete the film. Information on how to donate to the film can be found at: http://MomsToo.org once the campaign launches. In the meantime, audiences can check out ReclaimMotherhood.com for background information on the documentary, which is also being billed as a “call-to-action” campaign.

Sponsors include Cake Maternity, BirchBox, FlexJobs, 1Million For Work Flexibility, Waterwipes,
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Also available for interviews regarding the film and its crowdfunding campaign are: Valerie Young, Joy Rose, and Lori Mihalich-Levin.

The social media links for the film are: @ReclaimMother (Twitter), @ReclaimMotherhood (Instagram) and http://www.Facebook.com/ReclaimMotherhood (Facebook).