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Reclaim Motherhood Documentary Director Samantha Rife Interviewed On Podcast

Samantha Rife, Director and Executive Producer, was recently interviewed about her future documentary, Reclaim Motherhood, and the stigmas of motherhood.

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Gettysburg, Pa. (December 24, 2017) — Samantha Rife, Director and Executive Producer, of the Samantha Rife, Director and Executive Producer, was recently interviewed by NOTHING OFF LIMITS. During the episode, Mrs. Rife spoke about about her upcoming #documentary #film and #social impact #campaign, Reclaim Motherhood. Samantha is on a mission to create greater awareness around the cultural stigmas associated with #motherhood (especially in the US) and to stop discrimination against #moms at work and in our communities.

Mrs. Rife also spoke about how mothers experience discrimination in the US, from deep-rooted assumptions about social or gender roles, for breastfeeding in public, and for not having a perfect body again after childbirth. Many women, particularly stay-at-home moms, become demoralized, feel alienated, and lose their personhood. They often lose their chance to return to their jobs.  Often, people judge them immediately when they say they are a full-time mom, assuming that they aren’t hard-working, that they aren’t intelligent or that they aren’t contributing members of society. Yet, they are molding society’s greatest assets – the next generation.

Mrs. Rife also shares her mission behind this film and the associated campaign which will target corporate HR departments as well as middle schools, high schools and universities.  You will hear examples of the struggles that mothers often face at work, with the government, and in their communities. She also shares the importance of bridging the gap between people who choose to be parents and those who choose to be childless.

Listen now to the interview with Samantha to find out more about her film and how you can contribute to this important cause:



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About Samantha Rife

Director and Executive Producer, Samantha Rife, has been on both sides of the net. While 8 months pregnant, Mrs. Rife was laid off from her full-time employer. Since then, Samantha has given birth to two children - and has negotiated between; SAHM to part-timer, to full-timer, and entrepreneur, while caring for her husband and brood.


If you’d like more information about the “Reclaim Motherhood” Documentary Project, or if you would like to be interviewed for an opportunity for your story to be included in “Reclaim Motherhood” documentary, email the director, Samantha Rife at info@reclaimmotherhood.com.